Welcome to Carhop's Burger Sauce! Glad you found us! Your quest for that fabulous 50's sauce is over! Carhop's Burger Sauce™ is the ORIGINAL burger sauce from the 50's! Yes, finally! Carhop’s Burger Sauce is “The Only Secret Sauce You’ll Ever Need”!After trying sauce after sauce, we can finally say "welcome home" to your taste buds! One taste of our sauce will take you on a pleasant journey down memory lane or, if you are too young to remember the days of carhops, diners and drive ins, let us introduce you to the timeless classic of yesterday that stood the test of time and still ranks number one today!
Carhop's Burger Sauce  is Sugar Free, Gluten Free, Dairy Free has No Carbs, no High Fructose Corn Syrup, and no Trans Fat!!!
How about some Cleveland!! They carry our all new 8oz jar Everything Cleveland!!
Check out our new Carhop’s Mobile Diner! Available for Fairs, Festivals Office parties, Private Parties, Tailgating and more! Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner 440-823-1742 Catch us for lunch Wednesday 11/9/16 Things Remembered 5500 Avion Pkwy Highland Heights 11:30 A.M.. - 1:30 P.M. We will Also be at Miracle on Erie St & Willoughby Outdoor Market December 3rd!